Experiences make us different

It was in 1986 when we took our first steps into the world of promotion.

From the very start, what distinguished us was clear: our high level of creativity and strictly tailor-made service, which give life to unique and different objects.

Our DNA contains the genes of an international vocation, but also the passion that is typical of a family-owned company, where sharing and human relationships are as important as professional relationships.

Over the years, we’ve followed the evolution of the markets and technologies, accumulating numerous, different experiences, acting as producers, buyers, selectors, supervisors and resource managers.

Today, we consider ourselves to be specialists in each of these activities, which we put to good use, every day, in every single project.

P&B – Your Personal Best


To translate a brand’s potential into a concept conceived especially to generate value and loyalty.


Responsibility – ethics and environment
Reliability – supervising the process
Team – cohesion and sharing
Passion – stimulus to improve
Innovation – constant search
Collaboration – integration of professional skills

Better seriously than in series

P&B have always worked strictly on demand, developing tailor-made solutions for every promotional project, that are marked by a high level of creative input.

We believe it is only by carefully analysing the individual case that we can design items that will engage and amaze consumers, and give them reasons to purchase.

In order to carry out our task at our best, thought and production ability merge in P&B to form a process that involves a great variety of professional skills: from the creative minds to the designers, from the market analysts to materials experts.

The raw materials and suppliers are selected from the viewpoint of responsibility, for consumer safety and environmental sustainability. We design and produce ad hoc articles and packaging, wherever possible, using compostable or bio-based materials, taking into consideration the whole life cycle of our articles and the disposal of them.

The whole of our story, in every project

We’re very proud of what we’ve done, even more so when we’re asked for details and curious facts about our creations.

On our premises in Vedano Olona, near Varese, Italy, we’ve created a large showroom containing thousands of promotional articles, to provide a tangible testimony of the different solutions we’ve produced in over 30 years of business.

Thanks to the presence and experience of our professional employees (draftsmen, designers, technicians …), visitors to the showroom can ask about the creative and technical choices that led to the production of each of these objects.

The sectors we operate in

P&B provide their service to manufacturing companies, publishing houses and loyalty agencies, adapting what they do to the needs and requests of the client.

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