Success lies in the process

What distinguishes our service above all is our method.

Our operating model places the client’s needs at the centre, starting with a careful collection and analysis of all the information.

To provide the most targeted advice possible, we constantly monitor the public’s tastes in all age ranges. Our analysis of trends and of markets enables us to identify precisely the right product for every operation.

A decisive role in this process is played by our laboratory of ideas, an incubator in which technology and imagination merge to produce gifts that have a high level of added value, which we then test in special focus groups, to assess their effectiveness.

Genius is nothing without control

Producing a smile, generating surprise and creating curiosity require exceptional qualities.

This is what the people who come to P&B are looking for: a touch of genius that will make every gift original, something you can’t go without.

This is where P&B’s laboratory of ideas comes in: it is a place where different professional skills come together to allow imagination to become part of a promotional article created especially to satisfy the requirements of the client and the wishes of the consumer.

Because a consumer can say no to everything except their dreams.

Where dreams take shape

Working closely with the laboratory of ideas, we have a team of draughtsmen, planners, designers, illustrators and creators.

All promotional and collectible objects conceived by our creative team undergoes an immediate feasibility test, which takes into consideration the materials, costs and any technical production aspects.

Because although we are dreamers, we never lose contact with reality.

We take the Problem. You get the Solution

There’s another excellent reason for you to come to P&B: peace of mind.

P&B has at its disposal a well-tested and efficient organisation network, that can exercise direct control over all stages of the production chain, in Europe and in the Far East.

Because, as we all know, the unexpected is part of the process … but when a company chooses P&B, it knows we will be dealing with everything personally: from getting customs clearance to certification, from supervising the factories to respecting delivery times.

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