It’s our approach that makes all the difference

P&B make their creativity and experience as buyers available to manufacturing companies in every sector, to identify and create the right object for the various promotional objectives.

Faithful to our philosophy, we create tailor-made gifts, convinced that any promotional article must fully represent the values and specific characteristics of every individual brand.

As buyers, we can work on two fronts.

On the one hand, we look for and present to our clients original, high quality items for branding and for selling to the public.

On the other hand, we present innovative and unconventional articles and packaging for the world of promotions, because originality is the key to the success of every business.

P&B also provide an “all inclusive” service for everything concerning licences, directly managing relations with the licensors, in the client’s interest.

In our showroom, we have thousands of testimonies of objects and packaging that, still today, stand out because of their originality, thanks to an approach that focuses on quality and on client satisfaction.

Knowledge is the only way

We have a special relationship with our clients, which translates into long-term collaborations and human relationships that go beyond the simple handshake.

To understand the client’s problems, we can identify with the dynamics of the specific case, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the brand and of its values, to which we can add a careful analysis of the context, of the market, of the competition, of the target and of the trends.

Our creative gift and experience as buyers combine, each time, to define the most effective path for communication, and the most advantageous in terms of production costs and times.

Through this process, we’re able to conceive of and produce articles for every sector and type of promotional initiative, as the various articles displayed in our showroom demonstrate.

Hundreds of resolved cases. What’s yours?
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